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ACE Digital Academy AdvantageACE Digital Academy has been just what we needed at our high school to meet the needs of “all” of our students. We have had students who needed to keep a job to help support family so ACE allowed them that opportunity. We have had students who became pregnant and needed to stay home to raise their child and were now able to do that and complete high school. Students that were working through medical situations could now stay enrolled in our high school and graduate with their class. We have also had students who wanted to add to their education and enrolled in online classes that are not possible in our traditional high school classes. It has met all of our needs!!! - Aimee Twiggs, Licking High School, Educational Options
ACE Digital Academy Advantage
Welcome to ACE Digital AcademyA Customized Education
Welcome to ACE Digital Academy

With more than 300 online courses for students in grades K-12, a customizable gradebook, flexible grading methods, internal messaging, built in assessments and more, districts have the flexibility to use ACE Digital Academy’s online courses to fit individual needs. Plus, the entire ACE Digital Academy’s website can be customized by you to look like your school and include functions unique to your school, including logo’s, colors, school announcements, lunch menus, etc. 
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